Joynagar moa price

Joynagar moa price

Original Joynagar Moa. It's sweetest combination of Nolen Gur Khejur gur/ Plam jaggery and Kanakchur Khoi Puffed Rice . You will be fascinated by it's taste and the aroma.
This variety of moa is mainly originated in Joynagar mojilpur West Bengal. only In winter season your taste will bloom with this delicacy sweet.

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Available Unit:

6 pcs Box  price =249
12 pcs Box  price =498
20 pcs Box  price =900

Ingredients :

Kanakchur Khoi (Puffed Rice),
Nolen Gur(date palm jaggery),
Cashew nuts,
Kismis (Raisin),
pesta nuts
sree ghee

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