JOYNAGARER MOA RECIPE |Jayanagar's Moya Recipe
The moa of Jayanagar is Kanak Chur Khai and Nalen Gur mainly these two things are the main ingredients.
Also cashew kichmach khoya kheer cardamom pistachio nuts are added from time to time with the moa of Jayanagar.
Especially remember that although it is possible to prepare Jayanagar moa with all bran, we will never get the same taste of chai as we make Jayanagar moa with any other bran.
Some unscrupulous traders make the Moa of this Joynagar, except Kankchur Khai and a Khai called Marishal Kai.
These Kanak Chur kais look slightly different from the Khays and the fragrant ones are of a slightly elongated type and the Marishal Khays are somewhat rounder in appearance.

Moya of Jayanagar is a popular sweet jetty of Bengal. It was first discovered by the residents of a part of the railway station called Jayanagar Mojilpur of South Twenty-four Parganas district.


Moan of Jai Nagar is named after the founder of Jai Nagar, Goddess Mata Rani Thakurani Sri Sri Jayachandi. It is said that some time about two and a half hundred years ago when Mitri was the landlord of the house, prasad was offered to Sri Sri Thakurani Jayachandi-Mae mixed with goo and chaff. The clothes were distributed as prasad among all the subjects. Gradually this prasad took commercial form and was shaped by hand into a sphere. This spherical form of Tagore's prasad came to be known as the Moa of Jayanagar.
Gradually, it became commercialized as a sweet in every sweet shop.
The people of Jayanagar area in the winter season, it is called Moa of Jayanagar, Calcutta, now called Kolkata, sells it by word of mouth in many places. This Moa of Jayanagar changes the taste of people in West Bengal. This joynagar moa originates at the beginning of winter with the arrival of monsoons it can be said only 3 months of the year around 90 days you can buy it from joynagar but now as people don't have time to go to joynagar, first in history is able to deliver joynagar moa to every people's home. , Nalen Gur, Patalipur Date jaggery along with Nalen jaggery and many other sweets so without delay you can also take cash on delivery direct delivery from Moa of Joynagar.
Kankachur Kheer Five Hundred Grams Khwa Kheer 200 Gms You have to grind this kheer completely by mixer machine,
Ghee used in this moa is known as Sri
Ghee will be given as needed along with Raisin Cured Sugar 4 cups,
Two teaspoons of cardamom

Four cups of sugar in a saucepan with four cups of water is the maximum and it should be boiled for 10 minutes, after which Nalen jaggery should be mixed in this water along with four cups of sugar which was given earlier. Where you need to see if your fingers are standing like a thread, this recipe is completely made by the manufacturers who have been making it since the history of the ancestors.
Then allow this sugary juice to cool down and check with your finger exactly after 5 to 10 minutes if it gets cold enough for your mom.
Then some small amount of shri in the kara in which it will be placed
Swirl the ghee around the pan, then add the kankchur to it and spread the mixture well, cover it with a plastic paper or a towel and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.
Then by making a thin mixture with 500 grams of sugar and 500 grams of Nalen jaggery and 500 grams of water, we have to mix the quantity on the above mission as per the above mission and leave it for 2 to 3 hours.
So can it be seen that the Moar Paag of Jayanagar that we have made is completely soft and then we put khoa kheer on top of it.
Jirenkathir nalen gur, as much as Sri
Ghee, mix it and make it round and round and the moa of Jayanagar is completely ready for everyone to test in the family.Best Quality Nalen Jaggery Sandesh available at


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