Joynagarer Moa Recipe

Joynagarer Moa Recipe

  • Joynagarer Moa Recipe

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    written by rajesh sasmal , i'm a maker of joynagar moa , april 19 2022
    Joynagarer Moa Recipe
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    Origin of the word "Moa in Joyanagarer", in the name of Mata Rani Sri Sri Joychandi Mata
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    Joynagarer Moa. Joynagarer moa is a seasonal Bengali sweet delicacy prepared from date palm jaggery and puffed rice. This variety of moa originated in Joynagar, West Bengal, south 24 parganas India. Here is an easy Bengali Joynagarer Moa Recipe by UK from Fashionable Foodz.

    Joynagarer Moa Recipe

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    Joynagarer Moa Recipe

    Bengal has always been famous for the sweet dishes it has given the world. Some of them have scored at International Food festivals and left a mark on the Planets culinary history. Moa is one seasonal dish which not many must have tried outside Bengal. Jaynagarer Moa (pronounced as Joynogor’er Moa) is a dish which has got its name from Jaynagar town of the South 24 Parganas District in West Bengal. This delicacy is prepared from Date Palm Jaggery and Kanakchur Khoi. It is now a popular sweet, being produced in Kolkata and elsewhere, sometimes with cheaper ingredients and chemical flavors. Of course, this does not happen always. When we want to make it otherwise we substitute the jaggery (Gur) with Sugar. Though this looks like a very complex dish to make, the recipe is very simple.

    Let us try to make one today and relish this one of the epic dish from amar shonar Bangla.
    Joynagarer Moa Recipe

    Joynagarer Moa Recipe

    Joynagar Er Moa Recipe | Bengali Moa Recipe | Bengali Joynagarer Moa Recipe

    Recipe Type: Dessert
    Cuisine: Bengali
    Author: rajesh sasmal
    Prep time: 12hours
    Cook time: 30 mins
    Total time: 12 hours 30 mins
    Serves: 500 moa
    Joynagarer Moa is a popular sweet from Bengal. This delicacy is prepared from Date Palm Jaggery and Kanakchur Khoi. Here is an easy recipe of Joynagarer Moa with sugar.

    Kanakchur Khoi or Aromatic paddy – 5 kg
    Khoya Kheer – 5 kg
    Khoya kheer – Dry for dusting
    Ghee – 2 kg
    Raisins – 2kg
    Cardamom Powder- 50 gr
    Sugar – 5 kg (or depending on sweetness needed)


    Add 5 kg of sugar and 10 ser of water big iron kora.
    Boil it on a high flame for about 15 mins.
    When the sugar dissolves in water, keep stirring and boiling it on low flame.
    After 15 minutes the [i]chasni[/i] will be ready. Hold this thick mixture between your two fingers. If a single string is formed as you separate your fingers, the sugar syrup is ready.
    Let it cool for 15 minutes.
    In the authentic Joynagrer Moa recipe, the jaggery [i](nolen gur)[/i] is mixed in equal quantity with sugar to form this string.
    Now add  Kanakchur Khoi[/i] slowly in the sugar syrup and keep stirring.
    After mixing thoroughly, cover it very well with a cloth or a lid and keep it for minimum 12hours or overnight.
    Next morning, remove the lid and add grated Khoya kheer. Mix it very well.
    Now add 50 gr the cardamom powder and 2 kg teaspoon ghee. Mix it very well.
    Make small balls by this mixture to shape it like Joynagarer Moa.
    Now spread the dry khoya kheer on the top of all Joynagarer Moas.
    Garnish the Joynagarer Moa with a Raisin each.
    Seasonal Bengali Sweet Recipe Joynagarer Moa is ready to serve
    It may not be the authentic one if you dont have nolen Gur, but it is closer with Sugar and lot of sweetness while making.

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